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  • Most listings only sell one of these products. But together, they are much more effective. I like how the seat cushion promotes sitting with the legs straight out in front of me. If I cross my legs too much, I sometimes get sciatica symptoms. The cushioning allows me to sit for longer periods of time while working so I can get more done. Then, I love the lumber roll because it promotes a more upright posture which has alleviated much of my neck tension and tension headaches. This pairing of products is perfect for people who work at a computer and want to improve their posture and decrease their pain. Love it!

  • I’m using this on a computer chair, it was getting too painful sitting down for hours on my chair and I had tried many different items as a cushion (blanket, pillow, etc) but they all never quite did the job as pain would always develop in certain spots. This item is 100% memory foam without fillers (opened it up and checked to be sure). If you try buying a memory foam pillow or mattress you’ll find they are pretty expensive, so that does explain which this cushion isn’t at a cheaper price. I’d have loved a magic imaginary cushion that I could just place in there and be 100% free from discomfort or shifting my weight around, but that is probably too much to ask.

  • This cushion is awesome! I use this every day for driving to give me a boost to see the road more clearly and minimize pressure on my coccyx. When I first got it I was admittedly not impressed. The memory foam is very firm and does not give a squishy feel that I normally expect from memory foam items. However, this gives amazing support. I brought this on a 20 hour flight to Vietnam and was constantly amazed that my butt was never sore unless I sat on it in an awkward position. I love that this pillow comes with two cases that are easily machine washable.

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CushionCare specializes in in sourcing and developing high quality ergonomic home and office support products.We are a small family run business, based in Australia, with a passion for developing premium products and delivering fantastic customer service. Our core values are integrity, honesty and reliability. Our company motto is ‘Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated’.

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